The Art of Street Photography

The Art of Street Photography


Learn the art of Street Photography with Portland, Maine’s very own master of the art, Nick Gervin.  This entry level street photography workshop will provide unique classroom knowledge and on-the-street experience to guide you into the world of making candid photographs.  Learn how to deal with rejection and build confidence when photographing people.  Hone your skills to see the “decisive moment” and understand composition.  Valuable advice on staying motivated, productive and the editing process, will be shared as well.  Join the class!  Limited to 6 students. 

  • Classes on:  Saturdays, Sept. 14th, 21st, & 28th, 2019. Starting at 1:00pm

  • Price:  $200.00


Course Outline

Typical day will run 3 hours including classroom time and photo walks around Portland, weather permitting. 

Class One: Sept 14th 1:00pm

-The Laws: Do’s and don’ts while on the streets

-Facing rejection / Building confidence

-Assignment One: Street Portraiture and Light

-Homework One: Seeing photographs, Magnum & In Public

Class Two: Sept 21st 1:00pm

-Critique of Assignment One 

-Finding the right mindset

-The “Decisive Moment”

-Assignment Two: People, Separation and Depth

-Homework Two: Everybody Street film review

Class Three: Sept 28th 1:00pm

-Critique of Assignment Two 

-Staying motivated / Productive 

-Editing your work / B&W vs Color

-Closing discussion


  • Any skill level welcome

  • One digital camera

  • A positive attitude

  • 2 to 6 students per workshop

  • Ages 18+

  • Shooting locations: any village, town or city will do.  We will meet in Portland, Maine for classes and photo walks.  Starting point: 630 Forest Ave, at The Bakery Photo Collective. 

  • Availability for 3 Saturday classes in a row starting at 1:00pm

  • Laptop helpful, but not required.  Pen and paper for notes.